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The Hero Journey Club Experience

What is HJC?
Session Preview

Our Journeyers describe the program in their own words

Session Preview

Our Program

Weekly 80 minute anonymous group mental health support sessions while inside of games

Sessions are facilitated by Journey Guides — who are Doctorate or Master’s level therapists

Science-based tools and frameworks as you explore and reflect on your own growth path

Please note: Journey Guides are facilitating subclinical support groups, not providing therapy

Learn more about the scope of our services in our FAQ

of our members achieved clinically significant improvement in anxiety and depression

*using scientifically validated clinical measures, PHQ9 and GAD7, 8 weeks into the program

The Hero Journey Club Experience

Our Journeyers describe the program in their own words

In this example, Journeyers share the high points and low points of their weeks to kickoff their session

*This recording is being shared with participants’ consent.

The Result

Most members report feeling relieved and connected after just one session

Other results include:


report feeling better following an HJC session


reported improvement on scientifically validated clinical measures (PHQ9 and GAD7) after joining HJC


of our members come from marginalized communities and 94% tell us they’ve made some of their most profound connections in our community.

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Examples of Games We Play

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Thoughts From Our Journeyers


I’ve been in sessions weekly since June of 2022. HJC has VASTLY improved my mental health, and I always feel like I belong there. My journey mates (session group) are some of the most supportive people I’ve ever met online, and HJC’s journey guides (facilitators) are always so kind and compassionate toward me and everyone else! This is hands down the most welcoming and safe space I have ever been in.


I've been here for a while and I've really enjoyed everything you’re doing here. It's helped more than any 1x1 therapy I've tried so far honestly. I've just been trying to get my depression under control. I struggle a lot, but I find myself looking forward to these sessions every week.


HJC has honestly been life changing for me. I’d never found a therapist I’ve connected with so well before and I’ve never had the experience of a therapeutic community like this one before. I’ve felt significantly better since starting sessions with them and can actually feel some of my less than beneficial habits finally loosening their grip. Honestly couldn’t recommend the fantastic humans who run HJC more!


I've been a part of HJC for a couple months and just recently subscribed to their Journey sessions. It's helped a lot to be able to tell the group what I'm feeling and get those feelings validated and even some insight to why my mental illness affects my mood so. There's also others that think like me there and the community is just so wholesome and it's such a family place. If you've ever felt like you don't belong, try here. They are very open and so loving. I'm incredibly grateful to be a part of it.


I wish I could put into words how very grateful I am to have gotten an ad for such a lovely group, but I don’t think words can even begin to describe it. You have been such a shining light in my life and I am incredibly thankful for all that you guys do.

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How To Get Started

1. Complete Onboarding

Answer a few questions about your preferences: mental health growth areas, games, schedule, etc.

2. Get Matched

We’ll match you with an expert Journey Guide + a group of 4 others working towards similar goals.

3. Start Sessions

Begin your journey toward healing and feeling more connected.

Start Your Journey

  • Weekly 80 Minute Group Sessions to work on your mental health together
  • Facilitated by our expert Journey Guides — who are trained therapists with Doctorate or Master’s degrees
  • Exclusive access to a private Discord server and channel for your group, anonymous and secure
  • Science-based tools and practices to support you on your mental health journey

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First Session Guarantee

If you’re unsatisfied with your first session for any reason, we’ll rematch you for free or give you a refund for the session, no strings attached.

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