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We’re always looking for passionate therapists who love groups and are excited to combine their interests in a unique setting, while expanding their reach through group play and support.

Why New Journey Guides Are Joining Every Day

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Support Underrepresented Communities

70% of our members come from communities  who have typically been othered by traditional mental health, which includes: people of color, rural areas, LGBTQIA2s+, neurodivergence, and men.

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Validate Evidence Based Care in Gaming

We are actively pursuing scientific discoveries about all aspects of gaming, community and health and are working to publish research on novel our approach.

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Less Intense, Less Cumbersome

As a sub-clinical service our sessions are designed for less acute issues so Journey Guides have more flexibility to adapt to Journeyers’ needs, and spend little to no time doing paperwork or administrative tasks.

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Guide Groups On Your Schedule

Many of our Journey Guides are committed to full time jobs elsewhere and work with Hero Journey Club on nights and weekends because they feel it’s helped bring back their passion.

This Could Be Your Dream Job

You don’t have to choose between work and gaming or between making an impact and leveling up. Not here. If you’re feeling burnt out on clinical practice and are looking for something different, apply today!

Our Journey Guides

  • Explore their creativity while grounding everything they do in evidence-based practice
  • Bring more of themselves and their gaming and media interests to session
  • Connect with other like-minded Guides interested in gaming and community-based models
  • Save time on notes and admin
  • Refer crises to our vetted partners and resources
  • Multiply their impact by 5X in groups of 5-6 Journeyers
  • Work with an extremely diverse group of Journeyers. We have large and engaged LGBTQIA2S+, neurodivergent, and BIPOC communities.
  • Feel supported by Journey Guide community channels on Discord

Meaningful and Sustainable Work

Hear from current Journey Guides working in our team.


As someone who has been feeling a bit burned out as of late, HJC helped bring my passion back out. It gives me a chance to connect to others, like me, and make genuine connections.


Hero Journey Club is a harmonious marriage of my two great passions in life: gaming and mental health. I feel at home in this space, free to grow into the best personal and professional versions of myself.


There isn’t this big emphasis on being the robotic professional we were taught to be in school. The emphasis is on being accepting and holding spaces.


The person-centered approach is very unique, as well as the hands-on approach staff has. You feel supported every step of the way. People make really special connections here while working on their mental health goals together and it is truly beautiful to witness as a clinician.


Unlike my previous therapy roles, I do not end my days or weeks feeling burnt out (which is so nice)! I feel comfortable sharing about myself with group members, which makes the whole experience very personable, meaningful, and warm for everyone.


I have been loving my time with HJC! Everyone here gets why we’re here. The traditional therapy world is not made for everyone, but I feel HJC picks up a lot that get thru the cracks. Hours are extremely flexible, staff is supportive and empathetic, and I believe I gain just as much as our journeyers do from these groups!

Connect With A Mission Unlike Any Other

The epidemic of loneliness has gone unchecked for too long. We are striving to cultivate skills for community participation and create opportunities to build new friendships that will enhance the health of our Journeyers for the rest of their lives.

Young People Are Much More Alone Than Before

Average daily minutes spent engaging with friends is declining for all ages

A line graph showing that the average daily minutes spent engaging with friends is declining for all ages

Source: Kannan et al, “US trends in social isolation, social engagement, and companionship,”SSM-Population Health, 2023

Journey Guide Diversity

Our Journey Guides are as diverse as our Journeyers with much higher than average guides of color, neurodivergent guides, LGBTQIA2S+ guides, and male guides. We frequently hear from guides how ‘seen’ they feel with us and among their Journeyers.

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Journey Guide FAQs

How Does Licensure Work In A Sub-Clinical Service?

All guides are licensed or license-eligible in a variety of mental health-related disciplines. No guides provide licensed healthcare as part of our services and we provide training on the appropriate scope of practice for our support groups so that all guides can be confident in the service they provide here.

Do I Need Individual Malpractice Insurance?

No. Hero Journey Club does not provide licensed healthcare and all journeyers are made aware of and agree to the terms of the service.

What Does The Interview Process Look Like?

First you meet with our friendly Clinical Recruiter for a quick screening, next complete a Journey Guide Assessment, then meet with one of our experienced Journey Guides, and finally you’ll meet with our Chief Clinical Officer.

How Do I Get Assigned To Groups?

During onboarding, we ask you to fill out a form requesting information on the games you’ve played, experience with our populations, and how you identify (Journeyers sometimes like to be matched to a Journey Guide who identifies similarly). Then based on your selected availability, journeyers looking for the same days and times will be matched to each other and to you.

What Is The Time Commitment?

We ask Journey Guides to commit to 9 hours per week (or six 80 minute weekly groups). Each group time is followed by 10 minutes of compensated time to complete a quick note, grab a snack, drink, etc. While 9 hours is the minimum, some Journey Guides choose to take on more groups, with a max of 18-20 groups a week.

How Are Crises Handled?

As a subclinical service, Journey Guides are not able to manage crises directly. All crises are routed through local and national resources that have been vetted for this purpose. Necessary information is collected for all Journeyers when they sign up to ensure that all applicable crisis steps can be followed and this information is available when needed.

HIPAA Compliance?

Our approach is not subject to HIPAA. We nevertheless follow banking level security standards to ensure sensitive information is protected and encrypted in transit and at rest on our own servers, and offer all of the same privacy and data protections Journeyers have come to expect from the services they trust. We remind Journeyers of the limitations of Discord and encourage everyone to be mindful of what they share in semi public and public spaces.

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