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Hear what real Journeyers have to say about Hero Journey Club.


Final Fantasy, Stardew Valley, Minecraft Java
Work Stress, Neurodivergence

I'm a social worker which means I hear a lot of things on a daily basis. I needed somewhere I could go to relax and talk about my own stress, get some guidance for my own personal life.

I wasn't really looking for traditional therapy. I wanted it to be fun and exciting. I wanted to find a group that I could game with and talk about life. Well Hero Journey Club is just that!

I've been able to work through a lot of my career stress and my group members have been very encouraging and given me a lot of advice and new perspectives in between sessions.

I feel like we've become pretty close in the last three months that I've been doing this. There have been moments where we've laughed until we were in tears and moments where we navigated some major life-altering choices together. I don't think I'd be doing as well without this group.


Minecraft, Roblox
PTSD, Neurodivergence

I've been with HJC for eight months. To me, HJC is a space where you can come together and find community and friendships or just be able to share in a safe space with others who care.

I decided to join because I'm trans and an introvert living in an area where it's hard to find people to relate with or who are accepting.

It's hard to find the time to go out to try to make new friends, especially if you've got any social anxiety too. Getting the chance to connect with others online regularly, especially outside my local radar, seemed like a great way to challenge that anxiety without going too far out on my comfort zone.

I made friends that I genuinely laugh with every day and can knock in the journey groups about the harder things.

My favorite part of HJC is the community. It's got such a positive atmosphere of acceptance and kindness and the events always let me meet new people outside of my journey group. It's great being able to have this access to a larger community of people who are also looking for friendship. We can play Minecraft together, watch someone's stream, or even just be goofy together in the voice chats to wind down after a long work day.


Animal Crossing
Anxiety, Life Purpose

I've been with HJC since about April 2023. I describe Hero Journey Club as a place to talk to other people that are maybe in a similar situation and there's no judgment. It's a space to place things that you don't know how to talk about while also being able to gain skills to help with those things.

I personally struggle with anxiety and so their guides and the other members give me tools for how to help my anxiety. Through using the tools I'm given I can apply that stuff to my life and become more aware of my emotions and anxiety and like why I'm getting the anxiety so that I can learn how to better cope with the situations.

It also has helped me feel less alone because being able to talk to people and maybe they're in the same exact situation I am so that means I'm not alone. So it's just it's been great.


Stardew Valley
Anxiety, Depression, PTSD, Neurodivergence

I've been with Hero Journey Club for a few months now. I have really enjoyed the process of having somewhere to go once a week that I can touch in with people I've become quite familiar with.

It is very calming to know that I will have somewhere to spend a little bit of time every week checking in, saying what's going on in my life and knowing these people care about me.

My small group, I got connected to them and I was able to ask for a group around my own age and around my own needs and that was wonderful.


Animal Crossing
Life Purpose, Neurodivergence, Queer Mental Health

You get to meet with other people that are kind of similar to you in terms of identities, but also in terms of goals that they want to achieve.

I have people that I can talk to at the end of the week. I have people that I can like lean on and ask for support and things of that nature. It’s been really helpful, especially when the world is so isolated now. Also, I get to talk and I get to share those experiences with them too.

I highly recommend joining, we get to play games while we're talking about deep stuff. So it doesn't feel so heavy either.


Stardew Valley, Animal Crossing
Emotional Regulation, Work Stress

I have been a part of the Hero Journey Club for about three months now. Both journey groups that I've been a part of have been pretty like, we do our own thing, but then we talk and we share experiences. We just kind of talk about our lives and problems we're facing. But typically I play my own game.

I think it's really useful to meet new people from around the country, and connect at a point that we're all kind of struggling with the same things so we don't feel as alone.

There's been many times that someone has mentioned that they're struggling with something in the group and pretty much everyone in the group is currently or has struggled with that in the past. So that definitely makes it feel that we're not alone and that we're connecting to something greater than ourselves. That's been my experience with Hero Journey Club and I really love it.


Animal Crossing
Anxiety, Depression, Addiction

I've really enjoyed Hero Journey Club. When I joined, I was looking to join a community that would be familiar with the issues that I struggle with, without having to always go back over and re-explain to someone new where I'm coming from.

That's what I found as a group that on a day-to-day basis, I'm able to message through Discord and get some advice or just support with whatever it is I'm going through.

It's also a great way to get involved with the community. It's also great because on a weekly basis, we meet through Discord and play a game together where we're able to get kind of deeper into whatever is bugging us that week. So it's really positive impact on me.

It's helped me know that I have more support than before. And I definitely recommend it for you too.

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